Home Networks 

The home network facilitates communication among all your devices, allowing you to integrate the latest technology. Think about what technology you plan to have in the home, how you use the internet today and how you will in the future?

Fibre Packages 

Usually located in the garage, your fibre package enclosure securely holds your technology with set locations for the Modem and Fibre Optic outlets. Hard-wired connections throughout the home will create faster speeds for your smart devices

Network Packages 

From streaming your favourite show in every corner of your home and backyard, to having hard-wired connections at your smart TV and laptop location. We will explain the how's and why's to create seamless solutions that you can manage both offline & online

NBN Pre Wiring 

 Make sure your home is fully prepared for Fibre Optic connections with our NBN, Telstra & Opticomm pre-wiring solutions

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