Argus Technologies provides a total solution from general electrical, introducing home technology and integrating your technology into our home automation solutions. Creating a more effective experience while streamlining the installation process.  

The length of the consultation is subject to the type and size of the build. 

As a guide, we recommend 2 hours for a single storey and a minimal of 3 hours for your two storey home  as the our designers will go through in detail the subjects of:  

Plan, Design & Estimate

Our trained staff guide our client through the process. 

Making sure our clients has a concrete plan & quote, that is tailored to their needs 

Procure, Program

& Supply 

Our project management team will procure all stock required, communication with other trades and program the technology to the clients specification allowing for a seamless installation. 

Installation & 


Our qualified technicians can be deployed as quick as 2 weeks from the proposal being signed. 

Argus Technologies

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